Hello my friends this is my first post and I just want to start us off by saying you are important some people might say you are worth nothing but your just as much as gold if you don’t believe me so be it even if I don’t know  you are important to me I care so much about you I like you and love you in the best possible ways.


Friends? do you get in fights with them I do but do you stay mad about it.Dont be mean to your friend even if you’re angry  be kind understanding and you will have the best possible outcome.I recently met a girl who says that her friend cense third grade started blaming her for something she did not do . I say that’s stupid friends should hear friends out right . they listen if they don’t they are not your friends . don’t let silly stuff end your friendship you will care more about your friend then you will about that silly thing you fought over.      well that’s all stay hope full and kind…… and smile for someone today you just might get one in return.



Hi!!!! my name is miss hope full and I started this blog to give hope. maybe be that friend someone needs from time to time. let me tell you about myself one I love books and reading them I love music and singing I love listening to stories and people.